Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Top Tips: 10 Top Tips for Shopping/Meal Planning on a Budget

10 Top Tips to help you meal plan and shop on a budget

1. Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer before going shopping to see not only what you may have run out of, but what also you already have in the cupboard, that you may be able to use towards this weeks meals

2. Keep a regular check on what is at the back of your cupboard and bring forward items you had forgot about, especially for the cupboard where you keep your tins, sauces and packets.
It's amazing when you ever have a clear out of your kitchen cupboards the amount of food items that you find that you have either not used,have gone passed there use by dates or bought double of (as you forgot you already had bought previously).  

3. Take a shopping list with you rather than just randomly picking up items that you may not actually use that week (but have been tempted to buy on route around the shop).  If you are not a paper list kind of person, make a few notes on your smart phone instead

4. Print off a copy of Make Bake and Share's meal/shopping planner list to help you plan your weekly shop

5. Never go shopping when you are hungry as you are more likely to put more in your shopping trolley for sure

6. Have a few ideas of what you might like to cook that week, but go with an open mind to change what you might cook if there are any particular items on offer that week 

7. With the above tip in mind, start with getting your main meal items first such as meat and/or fish,then go back to fruit and veg isle to pick out what will best go with these meals.  (Too often in the past I have started with fruit and veg isle and end up putting lots of different bits in my trolley that I probably won't need to accompany anything I am planning to cook that week)

8. Always ask yourself the following when you are tempted by 3 for 2 offers. 
  • Do I actually need 3 of this item? after all buying only one of something will be cheaper than the price of 2. 
  • Will the extra 2 items I buy with this offer just sit in a cupboard for a long time? 
  • Or go pass its sell by date before I get around to using it?

9. However if you shop with a friend/relative these offers might work out well for you as you can spilt the price and items between the both of you

10. Left overs and freezing meals - When making meals like, curry, bolognese, chilli con carne, lasagne etc. make a little extra for either left overs the next day or to freeze for another meal.  It can work out more economical to make a meal you are already cooking serve more than cooking again from scratch on another occasion.  Also consider freezing fresh herbs to keep in your freezer.

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  1. Last week we dug around our freezer and found all sorts of things to plan a weeks worth of meals with! Thanks for sharing